Interior Design

Hi y’all! {I don’t know why I’ve adopted the term “y’all”…..perhaps I’ve been watching too much Fixer Upper.Haha.} Anyway, I’ve been thinking A LOT about interior design lately, as my husband and I are in the middle of purchasing a new home. Our current house was purchased when I began dating my hubby, so it has always been viewed by outsiders as “his house” (although 99% of the stuff in it is mine & the girls’ lol) That’s what truly makes this real estate purchase so exciting: it will be our first property we are buying together. We have been blessed to find a beautiful home that’s close to our existing one (fingers crossed for an easy move), in our current school district (so no major transitions for the girls) and is more than double the square footage of our current home (woohoo storage!). I cannot tell you how excited I am to finally have the room to “stretch our legs” and design the home I have dreamed of.

Although my specific taste has evolved over the years, it has consistently included two major styles: French Country (mainly for the kitchen / dining areas) and Rustic Farmhouse (for the rest of the home). I believe this comes from my mother’s parents- as they loved antiques and their home always had a cozy, farmhouse like atmosphere filled with good food, family, and laughter. Add in the modern invention of Pinterest, popular HGTV shows such as Hometown of Fixer Upper, and I’m a brainstorming machine. I’m proud to say that I’ve kept the crazy dreaming at a minimum, and tried my best to only “pin” ideas that are realistic. For example- I always wanted light-colored granite counters, yet this home has black granite. At first I hated them. Yes- hated. However, after seeing them a few more times in person, they began to grow on me, and I focused more on how much potential the kitchen truly had. My current design ideas include all new appliances, painting the cabinets an off white, or “ecru” color, and adding design aesthetics such as an oven hood & new hardware to create that French Country vibe. This design will extend into the attached formal dining area, where I’m hoping to purchase a large antique hutch at my local Country Living Fair to repurpose (I’ll let you know how it turns out).

One book I recently purchased  is A Touch of Farmhouse Charm by Liz Fourez. (you can find it here on Amazon).  It has a bunch of cool DIY ideas ranging from very simple to pretty difficult. I figured it was a great reality check for some of the design elements I want to incorporate into our new house. If you’re looking for a great starting point, I’d recommend it 🙂


If you’re a dreamer (and collector of “coffee table books”) like I am, I’d also recommend checking out Country Living Rustic Homes: Barns, Cabins, Cottages, & Farmhouses if you prefer an authentic “rustic” style or  Modern Farmhouse Style: 250+ Ways to Harmonize Rustic Charm with Contemporary Living if you prefer a more updated look.



If I sat here and went room by room I could write all day about my interior design plans & ideas {and book recommendations}. Instead, I’ll simply say that my major 3 focuses upon moving into the house will be the floors (converting it from carpeting to hard wood) painting (let’s just say my rooms my kids’ will use are currently blue & neon orange) and of course new appliances. I don’t think that’s too much to ask lol.

I’ll finish this post with asking for YOUR favorite design ideas. Do you like modern, clean lines? Quirky? Artsy? Victorian? Colonial? I’d love to hear new ideas and recommendations. Even cooler if you’ve done a new house reno and can share your stories. Because I am sure that once we get going on ours, I’ll be documenting it here in my blog.

Cheers to new beginnings!

xo Robin


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