Sushi & Roses: A Story For My Fellow SAHMs


These are “French looking Flowers” says my husband. He knows me so well. They are absolutely perfect.

He brought me these and sushi after a long, exhausting day spent with sick babies, endless laundry, attempting to disinfect my house, and playing referee to two constantly arguing 4 and 7 year olds. When he arrived I had on the same pajamas I was wearing when he left 12 hours before. No makeup, no blow dried hair. I quickly glanced in the mirror and barely recognized the woman in front of me with deep circles and tired eyes. I must admit, this was pretty bad- I always at least get dressed and look presentable. But not today. Or the day before that. In fact, the day before I spent 8 hours in our local ER holding a screaming toddler. The day before that I also had shuttled the girls around to speech classes, dance classes, religion, and doctor appointments.

That brings me to my next point. I’ve been seriously lacking on keeping up with this blog lately. I’m truly sorry about that {To my readers and to myself}.  Please understand that all of the above craziness has been my life the past few weeks. Oh, and let’s not forget to add in the process of buying a new home while finding a renter for our existing one. (I’ve had more conversations with my lawyer & mortgage rep than I have with anyone else. I literally know their numbers by heart.)

One day very soon I’ll look back at this stress & craziness and laugh. Maybe. Or I’ll just be happy that I made it through. As I’ve probably mentioned before, being a SAHM (stay at home mom) these past 18 months is the HARDEST job I’ve ever done. So I’d like to tell all my fellow moms out there, BRAVO! You are AMAZING. We are in this together, and on days that you feel you can’t get through one more poop diaper or clean up another thrown juice cup…..remember… aren’t doing it alone. We are warriors. We are responsible for shaping the next generation into respectable humans. And we can do this.

{But I’m not gonna lie…..sushi and roses help.}

xo Robin

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