Happy {Day After} Valentine’s Day

Happy {Day After} Valentine’s Day everyone! I say this because I originally wrote this post last night, but unfortunately had a sick baby on my hands and was unable to get around to posting it. But here goes…..

I don’t know about you, but the ideas surrounding this holiday have evolved quite a bit for me over the years. I remember as a teenager being so excited to receive gifts and flowers, and get all dressed up for a fancy date with my significant other. The same rang true when I began dating my husband. We would always look forward to a special date night where we would exchange gifts and be romantic. After we had our first daughter, nothing much changed. I was also 23 years old, fairly young, and more concerned with what color lingerie to wear than with the upcoming bills. Then came our second daughter. We slowed down a little, still doing chocolate, flowers, and cards, but typically not going out on actual Valentine’s Day, as my hubby tends to work late and we wanted to save money (not to mention avoid the crowds). Fast forward another three years to my third child being born. I now spend more time and effort picking out the right type of cards, chocolate, and class valentine’s than anything else. Today is no longer about me, but about seeing the happiness as my children come downstairs and read the heartfelt cards with x’s and o’s from mommy and daddy. It’s about watching them skip off the bus to show me all the valentine goodies they received from their friends and classmates. Please don’t think I’m complaining, because I’m not. I still make my husband get me a card, and I always buy him one along with chocolates. This year we will hopefully get a chance to have a breakfast date next week rather than spend the couple hundred dollars for a babysitter and fancy dinner, but it’s ok by me.

Despite this total 360, I have to say that I’m not sad. In fact, I feel renewed. Sure I still love getting all decked out for an expensive dinner and doing something fun like a theater day or a romantic hike & picnic. But honestly, it’s not about the material “stuff” anymore. I no longer anticipate Valentine’s Day like a kid on Christmas morning, thinking “what did he buy me?!!”. Instead, it’s about TIME. Time spent with my kids. Time spent with my husband. Time spent with my extended family & friends. I cherish those special moments most of all.

So…….whether you’re having a glass of champagne tonight with your girlfriends, or a romantic date with your spouse, or even spending it on your couch with a pint of Ben n Jerry’s- I’m wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day. Please remember to cherish those around us not only today, but every day.

xo Robin

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