Challenge Day 2

Today’s task in my ten-day Positivity and Productivity Challenge was to try to do 3 things to remove negativity from my life. These don’t have to be dramatic displays, but something as simple as saying “no” to something I don’t want to do, or removing people from my social media feeds.

So, where to begin? I decided to start by looking at our family calendar. I thought to myself, “Is there anything on it that we can eliminate?”. Some items were exciting, such as a Girl Scout Pinewood Derby event my 7-year-old is taking part in, and others not so much- like double long speech sessions for my 4-year-old, which we have to squeeze in right after preschool but before nap time and pickup for religion. Still, does speech class count as negativity? I didn’t think so, and it stayed. Next, I took a few minutes to reflect on the girls’ extracurricular activities. Between dance, girl scouts, religion, and starting next month, lacrosse, we are quite an active family. Add in birthday parties and family events, and we are booked solid throughout most of the year. Therefore, I made the tough decision to take my middle child out of one of the two dance classes she takes. If she loved it (as she did when we started), I would have never taken her out. But, over the last month, my daughter has really not had a good experience. This has NOTHING to do with the instructors or her peers- everyone at the studio is WONDERFUL. But I think the stress of going to preschool, speech class, then errands, then dance class every Tuesday was just getting to her. Instead of running into her class, my little one would have to be coaxed in, crying that she’s tired or “wanted mommy”. I have vowed to never be that parent that forces their own ambitions on their children, thus, I called the dance studio and dropped the class. My hope is that this action will remove negativity and stress from our Tuesday evenings, and make a little more happy time for the kids and I to share together.

Ok, one down, two actions to go. Next on my list was to go through some of my social media feeds. If you know me, then you know I try to be super nice to everyone, as well as sympathetic to anything they’re going through. But, let’s be real. Sometimes there’s only so much crap you can tolerate online. I’m sorry girl from High School, but I don’t want to see your five thousand daily selfies and singing in the mirror with a snapchat filter on 24/7. {Defriend}. I’m sorry family member who constantly complains about their job or their “awful life”. You have a healthy family, a roof over your head, a job, and clean food & water- so please stop.{Defriend} I’m sorry random girl from college I had one class with who shares post after post of children with cancer and abused dogs. {Defriend} **NOTE: Yes, I am 100% on board with eliminating both childhood cancer and animal abuse- but i have to admit that it’s a bit depressing to see that plastered all over my news feed every day.**

And let’s not forget those who constantly share SUPER ANNOYING chain letters. Aghhh please don’t send me chain letters via any way possible. I will simply delete them.

All right, social media purge: complete.

For my final task, I decided that I would remove negativity by meditating and go for a run. Despite being 35 degrees and windy, I layered up and set out on our local rail trail for a quick workout. I originally only challenged myself to go for 15 minutes, but it turned into 35. As I walked, then jogged, then ran {for like a minute lol}, a smile appeared on my face. It wasn’t until I was almost back to my car that I noticed the smile, but I was genuinely happy to be back out in nature, where I feel most at peace.

On to the meditating.

Once I got home, I found a quiet space upstairs in my bedroom, put lavender essential oil in my diffuser, and did a youtube search for a short meditation.  Here’s the one that I used earlier today: I loved that this meditation was only 10 minutes long ( as I had only a 1/2 an hour to spare before picking up my youngest two) yet, it felt like time well spent. Afterwards I honestly felt lighter.

End Result: Today’s challenge was a great one. It was almost like a personal mini detox. I think in the future I’ll have to work on personal relationships, specifically, distancing myself from toxic ones, but this was a really good start.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s challenge!

xo Robin

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