Sniffles and Storytimes


This past week I’ve barely left my house. Each day has consisted of cuddles, lots of tissues, baths, humidifiers, nose-sucking (thank you NoseFrida), and attempting to sleep a couple hours at night between the kid’s coughing fits. First it began with the younger two who had nasty colds, coupled with double pink eye. Then on Thursday, the oldest developed an awful barking cough and fever. So needless to say, we have had our share of sickness the past week. (By the way, my largest child, aka my hubby, is now too coming down with the dreaded cold. Oh Joy.)

As a mother, the hardest thing to do is see your child suffering. Just know that we all feel helpless sometimes. For me, I just make sure to provide the girls with lots of mommy cuddles, chicken noodle soup, books, movies, and warm blankets. (Not to mention sanitizing the entire house in between lol). As exhausting as it has been, I’m thankful to have these three precious little souls in my life. To be their mommy {and nurse}, to watch them look up and hug me in those times they need me most, really puts things in perspective.

If you told me 10 years ago that at 31 I’d have 3 girls, a rural home, and have left my corporate job for wiping noses & baby behinds all day long……I would have laughed hysterically at you. Some days I still have to laugh at myself- but mainly because I’ve got a princess sticker on my shirt or I just realized I went to the store with my wallet still in the diaper bag. Truth be told, throughout the hardships, we have to be thankful for every day with our little ones. As we all know, they grow up too fast, and even if I’m suffering from some cabin fever this week, I’ll take sniffles and story times any day.


xo Robin


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