Positivity & Productivity Challenge

Every time I sign online I’m face to face with videos or infographics on “kindness challenges”. These are great in theory, but when did we start needing to challenge ourselves to treat others with kindness? Aren’t these plans consisting of traits we should inherently possess? 

In my mind, we are kinder to others when we are first kind to ourselves. Ever heard the saying, “To take good care of others you first need to take care of yourself?”. Well that’s what I’ve decided to do.  In the spirit of the new year, I’m going to try a personalized Positivity & Productivity Challenge. This will start lightly with 10 days of trying to focus on my goals, reinforce positive habits, and hopefully kick some not so great ones to the curb. Of course I’ll keep everyone updated on my progress. I’d also love to hear if anyone is doing (or has completed) a similar “challenge”.

Here’s what mine will consist of:

f57dd870-a14f-4aae-88d9-d8de4a6d4d73 (1)

Wish me luck!!

xo Robin

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