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Anyone else obsessed with the books and / or STARZ series Outlander? I know I am. After receiving the first book [Outlander] as a gift, and reading ALL 900 PAGES in 3 days…..I’ve been hooked. Since finishing Diana Gabaldon’s 8 books in the series, I felt prepared to watch the screen adaptation. I’m a tough critic and I’ve gotta say it’s pretty awesome, especially Sam Heughan, who is now my biggest celebrity crush (shhhh don’t tell my hubby). Season 3 of the series just ended last month and now we are in a drought aka droughtlander. Anyone else feeling the effects of the drought? How about another show you enjoy which is on hiatus?

One thought on “Droughtlander

  1. Hello. Welcome to the world of the Outlander Series. Oh just wait til you read more and if you get the chance to watch the series. Please do so. I have been obsessed with the outlander series for quite some time 6years. I got my man reading it and he loves the series. Still working on getting the books for him as mine were torn up. If you ever want to chat about outlander. Let me know..

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